Treat Yourself  With Figs - Powerful Fruit Rich With Vitamins And Minerals

Treat Yourself With Figs – Powerful Fruit Rich With Vitamins And Minerals


It is a fig season and that is why we decided to reveal some amazing things that this fruit can do for your health.

The fig contains 80% water and lots of sugars which make this fruit a real energy bomb for your brain, improving your memory and concentration.

In the past, the fig was considerate as a holy fruit and that is why it was raised and consumed regularly. The experts say that if you use figs constantly in your everyday meals it can help you decrease the cholesterol and fat from your blood.

The figs contain lots of calcium and potassium, two minerals that are extremely important for the bones, skin and for the entire body organs. That is why they’re recommended from the older population. The figs also speed up your metabolism because they’re rich with organic fibers.

The figs are important snack in every diet because of the fact that they’re huge source of vitamins and minerals and have small calorie value. 100 g figs contain only 74 calories; they have many essential fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Dry figs are excellent source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. But unlike the fresh figs, 100 g dry figs contain 249 calories. One dry fig contains more calcium than regular milk. If you have anemia you should know that because of the iron and the copper that this amazing dry fruit contains it stimulates creating the blood granules.








Here are some other interesting facts about figs

  • Some cultures say that with consuming the leaves from the fig decreases the need from insulin injection.
  • The figs are considerate as a real laxative because of the amount of cellulose they contain.
  • The sight loss can be stopped with consuming this fruit.
  • This magical fruit contains many essential vitamins and minerals that help preventing cancer, diabetes, degenerative diseases and infection.
  • The fig leaves are shown as very powerful in decreasing many heart diseases.
Written by Andrijana Korovesovska

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